The Complete Guide to Under Cabinet Lighting HTML version

Choosing Under Cabinet Lights
When picking out your lights, there are tons of options to choose from. How do you
know what style of under cabinet lighting is right for your kitchen? This section will help
you find your ideal under cabinet lights based on light source, fixture style, color, cost,
energy-savings, special features, special needs, and how you use your kitchen.
Light Source
A great place to start when deciding which under cabinet lights are right for you is to first
select the light source. The way each one produces light affects most other aspects as
well - the fixture style, the color of light, the efficiency, and the rated life all hinge on this
one thing. Here’s what each light source is like:
A regular fluorescent light bulb consists of a glass tube coated on the inside with a
phosphorous substance. Inside the tube are mercury vapor and two tungsten coils at
opposite ends.
To produce light, the tungsten heats up and passes electrons back and forth. The
electrons collide with the mercury atoms, sending out UV light. Finally, the UV light,
which isn’t visible to the naked eye, passes through the lamp’s phosphor coating,
sending out the white light we see.
It’s important to note that fluorescent lights have come a long way since the hideous
greenish ceiling fixtures found in outdated schools and offices. New ones emit bright
white light, and with instant start technology, they can turn on without flickering or
buzzing. A fluorescent lamp emits light evenly over its entire surface, so you can have a
uniform distribution of light across the length of your countertops.
If you like bright reliable light to help you spot even the smallest details on your
countertops while making your backsplashes catch the eye, these lights are a great