The Complete Guide to Under Cabinet Lighting HTML version

Beyond the Cabinet: Lights in Uncommon Places
While the name seems very specific – under cabinet lights, lights under the cabinets –
these fixtures are quite versatile. This section will educate you in the unexpected ways
you can use under cabinet lights in spaces beyond the underside of your kitchen
cabinets. Read on to learn how to use these lights in outdoor kitchens, around offices, in
labs, on bookshelves, above workstations, in museums, and more.
Outdoor Kitchens
Whether you’re building an outdoor kitchen for the first time, or updating yours for warm
weather, under cabinet lights can be a valuable addition.
What Under Cabinet Lights Will Add To The Outdoor Kitchen:
You need a light to rely on.
Most outdoor kitchens don’t have a constant source of ambient light. Unless your space
is complete with a ceiling and some sort of overhead fixture, you can’t just rely on the
sunlight. If you like the feeling of cooking in the open air, you’ll need some sort of task
lighting, especially when preparing food after dark.
Despite all the variable conditions in the outdoor kitchen, adding lights to specifically
illuminate your countertops will ensure you’ll always have adequate task lighting. The
lights will come in handy when you grill meat or veggies, allowing you to check that
they’re fully cooked before serving. Under cabinet lights help you see when mixing and
pouring drinks, and fixing snacks as well. Having extra task lights will also help you see
to thoroughly clean your outdoor kitchen, so leftover crumbs won’t attract unwanted
Not to mention good task lighting adds a lovely ambiance to an outdoor space after
Choosing Under Cabinet Lights For Your Outdoor Kitchen:
The first thing to look for in your under cabinet lights is weather resistance. Unlike task
lighting in a regular kitchen, these need to hold up under the elements. They’ll probably
be exposed to rain, so always look for fixtures that are rated for use in wet locations.