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Straight links through your affiliate link/ keyword
here’s a really cool and incredible way to promote your

products. I have said that pre selling an affiliate product gets the best returns and that is true but another fact about affiliate marketing is that the more
clicks from site to site or page to page means a drop in sales. So this
technique solves that problem because what you do is you place ads on
Google straight to the affiliate product through your affiliate link. So how do you do this? In Google Adwords you simply place your affiliate link in the website URL box and the real website’s URL in the URL display


Unfortunately you will have less sales per clicks because there is no pre sell. This technique is only good when you use it on a product that has a high
commission and conversion rate. I would say anything that gives a $75 or more commission would be enough for this technique. So you really need to use the pay per click methods for getting cheap clicks I mentioned earlier. Please note that not all affiliate programs allow keyword bidding so ask
before you bid on any keywords.