The Complete Guide to Making Money Online HTML version

paragraph have the highest conversion rate because you can pre sell the
product in the text.
Outside the text: ok so text links are the best but just as people learn
differently from each other they also choose their products differently that’s
why banner or image links are also successful. Another advantage of image
links is that they are images and rather than having just pages of text you
also have images and some design on the page.
E books: one of the most powerful forms of promoting products and
getting inbound links is creating e books. The key to creating great e books
is great content. You need to write about something interesting and then
make that topic easy to read. You can accomplish this by adding images that
will break up the text and writing in small paragraphs with flowing simple
language. Not only that but you can sell your e book through many sites
such as eBay and Clickbank. So how do you get your e book to sell on
eBay? On eBay people need a great picture and a great description but most
of all they like a low price on such electronic products as your e book you
can afford this because in your e book you can promote products and make a
profit that way.
Clickbank is a great tool for you to start employing affiliates. If you aren’t
familiar with Clickbank it’s an online marketplace and payment processor
for electronic goods that has over 200,000 affiliates available to you. You
can submit your product to the site for a one time activation fee of $50. You
then simply submit the product where it is located on your site and what
commission you want to give to the affiliate who will drive traffic to your
site and hopefully make sales. But how do you get these affiliates to choose
to promote your product.
To get the affiliate to promote your product then you need a number of
things. First of all you need to give a substantial commission, I recommend
about 50% seen as your product will have such a high profit margin and the
fact that you can promote affiliate products will ensure you still get a nice
cut. Clickbank also take a small percentage of each sale. You also need to
have a product that sells at a fairly high price; if your product sells for
something like $2 then affiliates may not be interested in promoting it. You
also need to grab the affiliate’s attention by writing a great product
description you might even want to offer your product free to affiliates
interested in promoting it for you.