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How to get 2 cent clicks from Google
So when I have found what my visitors are worth to me I then find relevant
keywords to my site and bid at least 10% under what I earn from each
visitor. Although creating text links with that low of a bid won’t bring you
too much traffic. A really cool tactic to get you cheap relevant clicks from
Google is through the creating of image or banner ads because there is far
less competition in that area. When creating an image ad you can use the
display ad builder as to create an image ad you will need a high quality
picture. Create the image ad in a descriptive manner and if you are linking
directly to a product then you may wish to give the price as this will boost
the conversion rate while dropping the click through rate. You can also use
this technique to directly link to one of your affiliate programs. The best way
to do that is to create another descriptive ad with the price of the product you
are promoting. You will need to track your conversion rate very closely as
this technique can be costly if the product isn’t making enough sales for the
cost of sending visitors. Once you know that the affiliate link is working for
you and you are making a profit you can create more ads and make more of
a profit.
Monetize (make money)
So you can build a site and get traffic to that site but it’s all worth nothing if
you can’t make money from those visitors. I will run through the best
affiliate programs and how you can promote those programs.
Affiliate programs I recommend
WORLDWIDE BRANDS is my favorite affiliate program with two tiers and
$75 every time you sign someone up. Worldwide Brands provides one of the
best products online, they will teach anybody how to find products from
their 8 million product database and how to get accounts with these products
GOOGLE ADSENSE Adsense is a great way to monetize your website.
Techniquely it's not an affiliate program. The way it works is that Google
will crawl your website and will place relevant links to other sites in a
position of your choice. You get paid for every click but only around $0.30