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How to promote them:
the two main ways to get people through your affiliate link is

through banner and text links, both can be very successful but it really depends on what you are promoting and your audience. Banner ads are great for products that need an image such as a weight loss product and text links are great for products that need to be explained in text, then you simply create a link in the text that flows with the text. For example: you can easily create text links when you use Microsoft web expression.

In the text: this is the best way to promote products because not only is the product link simply imbedded in the text but it is clearly relevant to the reader because they are reading the text with the link. Text links in a paragraph have the highest conversion rate because you can pre sell the product in the text.

Outside the text: ok so text links are the best but just as people learn differently from each other they also choose their products differently that’s why banner or image links are also successful. Another advantage of image links is that they are images and rather than having just pages of text you also have images and some design on the page.