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Affiliate programs I recommend

WORLDWIDE BRANDS is my favorite affiliate program with two tiers and $75 every time you sign someone up. Worldwide Brands provides one of the best products online, they will teach anybody how to find products from their 8 million product database and how to get accounts with these products wholesalers.

GOOGLE ADSENSE Adsense is a great way to monetize your website. Techniquely it's not an affiliate program. The way it works is that Google will crawl your website and will place relevant links to other sites in a position of your choice. You get paid for every click but only around $0.30 per click depending on the content of your site but it does build up. The key to Adsense is traffic; you won't earn much if you don't have significant traffic. The reason Adsense works so well is because the ads are relevant to what your site is about so you really do get a huge amount of clicks.

AMAZON AFFILIATE is a great affiliate program because Amazon sells everything. Amazon also provides great tools and attractive widgets to place on your website. The only downside is that the commission is quite low around 6% and that’s only when you have some sales. Amazon affiliate is fantastic because you can place a search tool on the site which allows people search for anything on Amazon and even if what they buy has nothing to do with your site has nothing to do with it. Another fantastic thing about Amazon affiliate is that the links are so modern and will really make your site look fantastic.

EBAY PARTNER PROGRAM much like the Amazon program except eBay pay per click which means rather than paying a commission eBay pays you every time somebody clicks on your ad. A great benefit of the eBay partner program is that all you have to do is insert a code onto your site and as eBay's auctions are updated regularly so will your links and the search engines will see this as fresh content ranking your website higher.

COMMISSION JUNCTION is a huge collection of affiliate programs so you only have to enter your information once and you can apply to as many programs as you want. Not only this but all your stats are kept under one account and your payments come in from one check.