The Complete Guide to Making Money Online HTML version

Another popular way to get traffic and to increase your inbound links is
blogging and the social media like Twitter and Facebook. The use of social
media is becoming very popular but I still think that blogging has a bigger
impact. Blogs are so popular with the search engines because they are
updated regularly. I use blogger to create my blogs not only is blogger easy
to use and it is a Google product. Blogger also allows you to easily monetize
your blog by adding Adsense to your blog. With blogger I highly
recommend you pick a name like your domain that will help with SEO and
get you ranked higher on Google. Blogger is also free. Now onto social
media, social media is a great way to build a brand and is much more
personal which can have it’s advantages. I do use social media but find it
isn’t as powerful as blogging but nonetheless gives me inbound links and a
captive audience.
Article writing
Wow this is a really powerful tool that will get you followers, build a brand
and have relevant inbound links into your site. Article writing is when you
write an article on something you are an expert on and submit it to article
sites such as Article Base. The best thing about it is that you can simply take
content from your own website format it to be an article and then submit it.
When creating your back links to your site be sure to use keywords and have
a couple of links throughout the article. Your articles will automatically be
submitted to the search engines and the site you write for is ranked very high
because they have such fresh content.
Pay per click
There are two times in which I use PPC, they are when I have launched a
new site and I want to get some traffic. For this I generally create text links
in Google Adwords and I am prepared to pay slightly more so I can find out
how much each visitor to my site I worth. Generally each visitor to an
affiliate site is only worth a couple a cents but of course when you can
potentially have millions of visitors it all adds up.