The Complete Beginner's Guide to Working From Home HTML version

When choosing a business to run you have two options: To sell a
product or offer a service. For example you could sell health
products or offer your services as a Plumber or Builder. Of
course you would need to find customers who want health products
or have a leaky tap that needs fixing.
People often turn their hobbies into a business. For example, if
you were a good cook you could sell food to local people and
build up a list of customers who loved that Chocolate Cream cake
you made and want to stuff their faces with more J
If you play a musical instrument you could give people lessons or
if gardening is your hobby you could grow and sell plants. There
are many ideas you can consider, although I have never found a
way of making money from sitting down watching TV J
There are certain factors to consider when setting up your
business. For example, how much to charge for your service or
product? How much money can you afford to put into your business?
Remember you need to be a Freedom Seeker and not a Freebie
Seeker. You cannot expect to make a fortune overnight in your new
business – it takes time to build.
This guide concentrates on building a network marketing home
business, which is where you actually work with an established
company. The company offers the product and/or service while you
simply refer customers to them. Once the customer makes a
purchase the company ships their product to them and gives you a
percentage of the sale – a commission. This is by far the easiest
home business to run as the company does most of the work
regarding products.