The Clay Head Benediction HTML version

I used to put on those earmuffs when I would mediate, the big heavy plastic ones, like the ones
that people use at shooting ranges. As far as I am concerned, sensory deprivation is key to a
proper meditation practice. I don’t go for the whole lotus position thing, or any of that other
stuff, incense, candles, prayer beads, anything like that. I meditate lying down. That way I can
hear the voices. There is probably a rationalist explanation for all of it, the voices. Most
logically, it is my brain, devising little entertainments for itself as I fall asleep. That is the whole
deal with the lotus position by the way, to keep from falling asleep. Normally the voices are
conversations…banal ones about shopping, or gossip about people I don’t know. It is kind of
like in the early days of cordless phones when the phone would be on the wrong channel, and
you would hear little snippets of your neighbor’s conversations. When I was young, my parents
moved into a house where the phone would ring without cause at all times of the day. We would
pick it up, and no one would be there. Two hundred miles away, there was probably some fool
putting on his shooting earmuffs and dialing in, messing around in places where he had no
business, and playing with things he did not understand.
For any normal rational person who understands that homeopathy is a fraud, and auras and the
spirit world are all bullshit invented underachieving vegetarian baby boomers, this all seems
incredibly stupid. I get that. It is stupid, but it is true. In fact, this whole thing is true. There is
a whole body of literature, or more accurately writing, about people t raveling around and seeing
things in meditative states. In fact, if one were to spend a little time on the internet forums
reading about meditation, he would find that the newbie questions about strange sights and
experiences are pretty common.
There is also this other thing, the machine elves. O n the psychedelic drug DMT, a whole bunch
of users report seeing the same thing, beings of light with the same message… “Create”.
Amazonian shamans have been ingesting DMT in the form of Ayahuasca for millennia, and for
them, it provides insight into the cosmos and the nature of consciousness, and all those other
things that hippies like to talk about. Celebrities and dreamers in the West take it too, but like
anything, you can only start where you begin. A shaman, who has a full time relationship with
the nature of life to begin with, probably goes a lot farther than some guy with a backpack
padding around city in overpriced sandals. I don’t know. That is not really my type of thing. I
would however, like to note that it is incredibly odd, that there exists a drug that makes unrelated
users the world over “see” tiny people bearing a message…And that, my friend, is a bona fide
There are lots of mysteries, and modern people hate the hell out of mysteries. Fundamentally,
that is what distinguishes modern people from the ancients. After their basic needs were
satisfied, early people sought to find things that they did not understand. They did not really
want the answer; they wanted to find what they could not answer. That is why their answers
suck, and why it is so easy to dismiss primitive answers as illogical superstition. For example,
do you believe, that a guy could build a boat that could accommodate two of every single animal
on the entire earth, every one, and a whole bunch of food, and survive for forty days without the
snakes eating the mice, and lion eating the guy, the two elephants didn’t get sea sick? There is a
little display next to the elephant exhibit at the zoo that shows what one adult African elephant
eats in a day, the food for two African elephants for one day wouldn’t fit in the back of a full