The Chronicles of Z'va'Xin HTML version

predict if she would be freed from her grave through erosion or some cataclysmic event. This
was a hoped for possibility, but she knew, at some point, this star would use up its fuel and go
supernova. The blast would tear this world apart, and she would be freed. Yes, this was the only
So she had “slept”. A thousand years passed.... A million years passed.... Layer upon layer of
rock covered her – some layers were eroded by water and wind – more layers replaced them.
Fifty million years passed.... Above her, the incredible diverse animal and plant life evolved.
Some became extinct, some new forms added, and ever changing. An earthquake – the layers she
was in were pushed up forming a mountain, but she was still deeply buried in the soft rock.
Millions of more years pass, followed by more erosion. The dawn of man – the 1.176 million to
one possibility is realized. A few more million years pass....
It is May 15, 2011. It is early morning. A pronghorn antelope walks too close to the edge of
a hill. It dislodges a rock and starts a rockslide. A large rock knocks away a large portion of
sedimentary rock outcroppings. The first sunlight in 65 million years hits a small portion of
Z’va’Xin’s surface. Power cells slowly absorb the energies, systems are powered on, and the
long blackness fades. Light! Glorious light! Extreme happiness!
Dave Van Bercham kept eagerly chipping away at the layers of sedimentary rock. More than
a half a metre was now visible; it definitely was curved, possibly sphere shaped, although he
wasn’t sure as to how much more was hidden within the rock. The sun was high overhead – he
felt the blistering heat on the back of his neck. The sun was now hitting the black curved object
directly, and still no reflections. It was like the sunlight just disappeared into the blackness of it.
He cautiously touched its surface again; to his surprise it was just as cold as when he first
touched it. What was this thing? It wasn’t like any rock he had ever encountered. Puzzled, and
very curious, he continued the excavation.
Proximity alert!
Xin’s warning program subroutine became active, the threat evaluated and tactical measures
taken, all within a fraction of a millisecond.
A blinding white light and everything went black. Dave Van Bercham was unconscious
before his limp body hit the dusty baked earth and slid slowly down the hill about ten metres.
As the manufactured tool wielding humanoid laid unconscious, Xin continued absorbing all
the different energies from the Sun: radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays,
and gamma rays. It felt so good. She had been so weak for so long. Weak and helpless were
feelings she had not known until this incident. Feelings she was determined to NEVER let
happen again. Her energy cells were charged now. Her outer shell had done what it was designed
to do – absorb any form of energy, whether it be from the various star radiations or the other less
efficient forms such as sound, wind, or an occasional accidental tap from a metal hammer.
Over the millions of years she had “slept,” there were numerous occasions when vibrations
in the earth had given her a small amount of energy. However, it was never enough to give her
the power needed to melt her way out of the earthen tomb. Her cells were depleted long before
the next earthquake hit. She used the brief periods of consciousness to run diagnostics and
maintenance subroutines. Not that this was necessary but it gave her something to do.
Now the Z’va reactor was online, having been powered up by the lesser power of her energy
storage cells. Soon the reactor was at minimum power. Her outer shell began the process of super
heating, as it changed in colour from pitch black to white hot. A few seconds later, the soft rock