The Chronicles of Z'va'Xin

He noticed it was sitting within a dark layer of rock. This layer was supposedly created by
the fallout after a giant meteorite hit the earth 65 million years ago – one of the many dinosaur
extinction theories.
He could discern it had a slight curve to it. All he could think of was that it was a large
volcanic rock, and had somehow found its way to this location. Melted rocks can be glassy
smooth he tried to convince himself. Yes, that’s it, it’s a volcanic rock, and there might be a lot
more of it buried. He might have found something interesting after all! He took his small wedge-
shaped hammer from his backpack, and started chipping away at the layers of soft rock.
Z’va’Xin awoke from the long blackness. Her first awareness was that of success – her
survival strategy had worked. She next became aware that she was alone. There were no more of
her kind anywhere. Sadness.... Great sadness....
Accessing memories....
Critical error made....
Meteorite was not anticipated....
Darkness after impact....
Energy low....
Not enough power....
Cannot escape planet’s atmosphere....
Cannot absorb solar energies....
Not enough power to self-destruct....
Z’va’Xin could not remember what had resulted in her being swallowed up by a liquid earth;
sinking down deeper and deeper. She had sent out a signal for rescue. It was a weak signal and
Z’va’Xin reasoned it would not reach her planet of origin. Under more optimal conditions, Xin
could have easily moved out of the quicksand. No Z’va probe had ever been compromised,
captured or destroyed by others. Only by their own decision had probes destroyed themselves.
No other beings should be allowed to make use of the Z’va probe’s technologies. Few sentient
species are morally ready for that responsibility.
Accessing memories....
Xin remembered her frustration – she could skim over the surface of a star, melt through
solid rock, travel at incredible speeds, and even fold space. Yet she had found herself stuck in the
mud with no obvious options remaining – except one. She would simply turn herself off. She
didn’t like the idea. What if some intelligent beings found her? No, this planet had the greatest
variety of creatures she had ever seen in the known galaxy, but there were no beings that could
disseminate and use her technologies. Although there were a number of intelligent species, there
were none with the ability to develop technologies at the present. The chance of this type of
occurrence was estimated at 1.176 million to one. However that was assuming there was some
form of life in the first place, even if it was nothing more than bacteria.
Accessing memories....
No, she felt confident this was the only way. She would power down everything. Her energy
cells would store the little remaining power for a few of this planets full orbital cycles but then
she would experience the blackness when they were depleted. She knew the atmosphere would
eventually clear, and the planet’s surface would go through constant changes. She could not