The Chosen - Rise of Cithria Book 1 HTML version

When the Thandaran Empire arrived five centuries ago, they found an untamed, fertile island
called Andua. As with every other new land they discovered, the Thandarans subjugated the Anduain
people, including the old races of elves, nuathreens and firbolgs. They renamed the island Caldera, and
colonized it with their own citizens. O ver time, the Anduains and their culture diminished, retreating to
the west, into the oldest, most remote areas of the island imaginable. They were hunted, and persecuted,
but they endured, and they kept their stories and history alive for centuries, until the moment finally came
when the Thandarans left the island, retreating to their besieged homeland far across the sea.
With no Thandaran army to keep the peace, the island fractured. The east, under the control of
former Thandaran nobility, remained Caldera. The west became Andua once again. And lurking across
the narrow sea to the north was the land of Bergmark, home to fierce havtrols, opportunistic dwarves, and
magic-wielding humans. War broke out, leading to chaos, death and destruction… until Damhran,
grandson of a Thandaran clerk, ascended to Caldera‘s throne.
Damhran rallied the Calderan forces to victory after victory, eventually claiming most of the
island, staying the hand of Bergmark, and forcing Andua into a tenuous peace. From his home in
Corendar, the capital city of Caldera, Damhran presided over an era of prosperity unprecedented in the
history of the three realms. But it was also a time for resent ments and rivalries to simmer below the
surface. Damhran‘s peace strained, but it held for almost forty years – until the day the Century Star
The Century Star grew bright in the sky, and then faded away, as it did every hundred years, and
its arrival triggered prophecy, introspection, and devastation. Damhran saw the star as a sign that his time
as King had run its course. A young Anduain warrior named Darren believed that the star signaled the rise
of his people. In Bergmark, however, the star coincided with a tragedy, as a volcano erupted, destroying
the dwarven kingdom and covering the lands of Bergmark in fire and ash.
War came once again. Damhran retired, passing the throne to his son, who was ill-prepared to
handle it. Darren ascended the throne of a new Andua, and he rallied his people to the cause of freedom as
their K ing. And the people of Bergmark, with no lands left to sustain the m, invaded the island, looking to
claim greener pastures.
For seventeen years now these nations have fought, trading lands, glory, and lives. The balance of
power has shifted back and forth among them, but none of the three kingdoms has managed to strike a