The Cat Speaks HTML version

Keeping in mind the wind chimes I had encircled the house with,
along with the sun dial in the front yard and the Pagan altar in the
back yard, I pondered the irony in that statement.
Demeter smirked, "Indeed." Assuming a cat can smirk, that is.
"Look - we can debate and discuss my heretofore undiscovered
abilities forever, but I'd really like to get back to my dozing so let's
get this over with. As I was saying, you're obsessing again. We
both know where that's going to get you, so can you please put a
halt on that right quick?"
"What do you mean obsessing?" Curiosity had taken the place of
my indignation.
"This is the 10th continuous day that you have spent that much
mental energy thinking about Jonathan. Maybe you should just go
ahead and talk to him already."
I turned around, plucked a strand of hair off my skirt, and walked
"By the way, you can walk away, but you'll still hear my voice. I
have pretty good projection."
Not only was the damn cat supercilious, but arrogant as well.
"Yep; that I am. Back to Jonathan. How about you stop thinking
and start doing?"
I balked considering some of the thoughts I'd had about Jonathan
in the last few days.
"Yes, yes. I know. Imagine how uncomfortable *I* feel - I can read