The Cat Speaks HTML version

living room.
"I've always been able to read your mind, dearie. Wow - you
humans really are stupid. The only new thing is that I have now
deigned to talk to you."
I could almost hear the eye rolling in that sentence and it gave my
search a renewed intensity.
"Oh for Bast's sake ... I'm lying on top of the cat tree in the corner
of the room."
'Aha!' I thought to myself.
"Oh please - it would have taken you another hour or two to find
me; I was just helping you along so we can get this conversation
over with leaving me free to go back to sleep."
I strode over the cat tree and confronted Demeter, "How have you
never spoken to me before?"
Of all the questions I had wanted to ask the damned cat, that one
was low on my list.
"That's really the first thing you want to ask me? Really?"
"Honestly? I'm still trying to figure out whether I've lost my mind
or I'm really here talking to my pet cat!"
I felt like stomping my foot on the floor and if I didn't know
better, I'd say Demeter actually chuckled at my childish tantrum.
Her lips didn't move, but her voice came unmistakably from her
direction, "You've not lost your mind, but you really ought not to
be yelling at me like that. People passing on the street might see
and brand you 'crazy cat lady'".