The Cat Speaks HTML version

"You're obsessing again."
The voice was coming from something in this room. It was eerie
yet somehow not terrifying.
I wanted to respond and ask, "What do you mean by that?".
"There ... you're doing it again," the voice said, the location of its
owner still eluding me.
"What? What am I doing again?" To hell with the neighbours; this
demanded a response.
"Obsessing.... you're really going to make me repeat myself, aren't
"Who the hell are you, anyway?"
"Who the hell am I? You're the one who talks to me everyday ...
several times a day, in fact. Why are you surprised I finally
decided to respond?"
Suddenly, I knew exactly who the voice belonged to.
"What the ..." I uttered a curse as I searched for the latest
hidey-hole my cat had found.
"I see you have figured it out. I'm impressed. It only took you 5
Why I hadn't figured it out sooner is beyond me, the voice
certainly matched the facial expressions I had been enduring for
"Exactly. And I reiterate, humans are stupid."
"Reading my mind now, are you?" I asked, as I paced the room,
scouring the bookcase, furniture, and shadowed corners of the