The Case of the Deadly Ring: An Alexander Steele Investigation HTML version

Alexander Steele and the Case of the Deadly Ring
By Lawrence Johnson Sr.
Fatal Encounter
Street savvy, private investigator Alexander Steele wants to put his P.I days behind him.
Steele wants to focus on running his exclusive night spot called Inner Sanctum. Over the years
his grit, tenacity and eye for detail has kept him at the top of his game. The Philly detective has
solved dangerous cases from Montreal to Mexico but a new challenge is on the horizon.
It was a typical spring morning in the city of brotherly love. The sun was shining, the
birds were singing and the trees have begun to bloom. Alexander Steele wore dark jeans and a
gray sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up. He carefully sipped his blue mug of hot coffee as he
watched people headed to work and school from the oval shaped window at the back booth
inside his club. This was normally the time he would spend each morning catching up on the
latest news but the paperboy was late again. Steele had just defeated his most formidable foe
Chameleon. He sat quietly reflecting on his latest near death experience and wondering how
long the peace and tranquility would last. Before the day ended he would have his answer.
Sugar Bear was the manager of Steele’s Club Inner Sanctum. The dark skinned man with
the stocky build and friendly smile looked excited as he walked towards Steele’s booth with a
copy of the latest Philadelphia Inquirer.
“Hey boss, check this out.” Steele attempted to wave him off but Sugar Bear was
persistent. He slid into the booth opposite Steele and pointed to Steele’s horoscope.
Sugar Bear and Steele had been friends since childhood, and every since that time Sugar
Bear had been attracted to anything odd or unusual.
Steele sighed, “Look Sugar Bear first it was space ships, then the disappearance of Jimmy
Hoffa, after that Crop Circles and now it’s this.” Steele pointed to the paper. His disbelief didn’t
deter his friend from giving Steele the celestial news update.
“Listen to this boss, a stranger from a distant land will enter your life. He will seek out
your counsel on matters of health or religion,” Steele snickered as he shook his head.
“Sugar Bear, would you please give it up? Those things are never right.” Sugar Bear’s
mood was deflated.
“Well, here’s you paper. Just wait till December 21, 2012 comes. We’ll see who’s right
Later that evening the club was packed with the usual after work crowd. Inner Sanctum’s
decor was a welcoming eclectic mix of today modern style combined with the elegance of the
old style night spots of the sixties. Various shades of dark reds, blues, medium grays, and a
touch of steel gave the club warmth, style and originality that made people feel at home. The
lower level was referred to as Sanctuary. Comfy, dark, oversize couches lined the walls while
pool and chess tables filled the rest of the downstairs area.
Both the AC and music was on full blast. Stan and Brenda were sitting in his back booth
with Steele. The two men amused themselves by watching Brenda stuffing lipstick and other
cosmetics into a small plastic bag inside her pocketbook. When she was just about through
Steele noticed the blue flashing light on the wall.
It was a phone call from Leroy the gate keeper at the front door of the exclusive club.
“Mr. Steele there’s someone here to see you. He says it’s urgent but he won’t give me his name.
He says he came all the way from Italy.” Steel’s mind immediately jumped back to the
conversation he had that morning with Sugar Bear.