The Caregivers HTML version

Marilyn's mother is a sick woman who lives alone. Even though she
is in good spirits, her ability to live on her own is being called into
question by her family, except for Marilyn. Marilyn is the youngest of
three children; two daughters and one son that is incarcerated. Her
oldest sister, Carolyn, is insistent on having their mother reside in
assisted living care, citing that her deteriorating heart condition is the
definite reason. The only son has no opinion on the matter.
Her name is Gretchen Carol Donovan of Geneva, Kentucky.
She is sixty-three years old and oblivious to fact that she needs any form
of assisted living to continue her life. She has been a widow for fifteen
years and asked no help from anyone for anything. Any discussion on
the matter would be aimless, in Gretchen's opinion. Marilyn gets a phone
call from her sister.
“Hello?” she greeted.
“Come to Mom's, she fell last night! “, exclaimed Carolyn.
“Well, what happened? “
“She was walking around outside last night and tripped and fell!
I'm telling you something needs to be done about her! “
“What was she doing outside at night? “, Marilyn asked with
concern for her mother, but resentment for her sister's tone. She decides
not start a confrontation, only to keep it civil for now.
With agitation in her voice, Carolyn replied, “She said she
saw something outside and wanted to see what it was. I'm ten minutes
away. “Carolyn moved away after high school to pursue college and a
“I'm on my way. “; Marilyn concluded the conversation and
proceeded to venture to her mother's house, just a few miles away.
Apprehension and guilt consumed her being. An expectation of the worst
in the event upon arrival, where her mother's health and well being will
lead to accusations of usurpation and I'mpervious objections toward
their mother and each other. There has never been a good visit when Ann
comes around.
When she got there her assumption was correct. Gretchen was
sitting in her living room with her right foot propped on her ottoman. She
had here ankle bandaged poorly with a stretched out sock over her foot.
“What happened, Mamma? “, Marilyn asked with concern. Gretchen had
a dire look upon her face. She was not really sure if she could explain
what she had seen and what followed after without an issue of her