The Business Plan Workbook HTML version

Hold your mouse button down with the pointer on the
Arrow and you will scroll steadily forward through your
At the left side of your screen, there is a small vertical
panel headed Bookmarks. This is an extra way for you
to find the particular section of your book that you are
looking for and go there with just a couple of clicks!
If this section is not already showing on your screen,
you can go to Acrobat Reader's View Menu and click
on Bookmarks and Page. The Bookmark section will
open. Or you can move your mouse pointer on to the
vertical line at the left side of your page and you will
see your mouse pointer change shape. When the
mouse changes shape, press and hold down your left
mouse button and drag to your right. This opens the
Bookmark area.
You use this method, but in reverse, to close up the
Bookmark area so there is more screen space available
to display your book. Or you can click on Page Only in
the View Menu.
You will see that the Bookmarks are arranged in a
stepped fashion similar to the Table of Contents in your
book. One difference is that each Bookmark shows