The Business Plan Workbook HTML version

It very easy to read and roam through your new
electronic book.
Adobe make changes to improve the Acrobat Reader
with each new version they provide, but the way that
you use the important features to read and navigate
through your book remain basically the same.
The latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader can
always be downloaded free of charge from
Each book has a Table of Contents where each
Chapter Heading and significant sub-heading is
linked to the relevant page in your book. Just click on
the Heading of the section you want to go to and you
are there!
At the bottom of each page of your book, there is a box
that shows the number of the page you are looking at
and the total number of pages in your book. If you click
on the number shown, a small box pops up. Type the
number of the page that you want to go to into the box,
press ENTER and you are there
Otherwise, you can type the number of the page you
want to go to over the number shown in the small