The Business Plan Workbook


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Chances are you've probably heard those words before. . ."Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan." Sounds like a pretty good proposition. . . if you are a high powered financier. But, what does that have to do with a small business? Truth be told, it has everything to do with the success or failure of your business. Without a well charted course, odds are that your business has already arrived at a destination. Does that mean that hope for success is lost? Not at all. . .read on! It's never too late to chart a new course. Just like the captain of a vessel, or a gourmet chef, analyzing the chart or key ingredients can greatly improve the final outcome, you can also change the course of your business. . .with the right tools. Finally, there is a tool designed with such simplicity t...

alwynn morgan

If the whole concept of a Business Plan is a complete mystery to you, as it was to me, then you should read this book. Starting out a new business can be difficult but by following the plan in this book it will not be impossible. Covering issues like research and targeting your market it is very good, I wish I had had it some years ago.

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