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9. The Sensualists
GRIGORY and Smerdyakov ran into the room after Dmitri. They had been
struggling with him in the passage, refusing to admit him, acting on instructions
given them by Fyodor Pavlovitch some days before. Taking advantage of the fact
that Dmitri stopped a moment on entering the room to look about him, Grigory
ran round the table, closed the double doors on the opposite side of the room
leading to the inner apartments, and stood before the closed doors, stretching
wide his arms, prepared to defend the entrance, so to speak, with the last drop of
his blood. Seeing this, Dmitri uttered a scream rather than a shout and rushed at
"Then she's there! She's hidden there! Out of the way, scoundrel!"
He tried to pull Grigory away, but the old servant pushed him back. Beside
himself with fury, Dmitri struck out, and hit Grigory with all his might. The old man
fell like a log, and Dmitri, leaping over him, broke in the door. Smerdyakov
remained pale and trembling at the other end of the room, huddling close to
Fyodor Pavlovitch.
"She's here!" shouted Dmitri. "I saw her turn towards the house just now, but I
couldn't catch her. Where is she? Where is she?"
That shout, "She's here!" produced an indescribable effect on Fyodor Pavlovitch.
All his terror left him.
"Hold him! Hold him!" he cried, and dashed after Dmitri. Meanwhile Grigory had
got up from the floor, but still seemed stunned. Ivan and Alyosha ran after their
father. In the third room something was heard to fall on the floor with a ringing
crash: it was a large glass vase -- not an expensive one -- on a marble pedestal
which Dmitri had upset as he ran past it.
"At him!" shouted the old man. "Help!"
Ivan and Alyosha caught the old man and were forcibly bringing him back.
"Why do you run after him? He'll murder you outright," Ivan cried wrathfully at his
"Ivan! Alyosha! She must be here. Grushenka's here. He said he saw her
himself, running."