The Bringals of Carly HTML version

people and best of all, it didn’t look such a great tree from the outside so
you didn’t get many intruders.
Both Jack and his sister, Laura, always felt happiest when passing the
time in this tree. It was as if they were at home here and that the tree was
always there waiting to welcome them back whenever they were away
from it. They had spoken to each other of these feelings they had about the
tree but couldn’t really understand them.
All these thoughts were going through Jack’s mind as he sat there waiting
for Laura to arrive. Jack was older than his sister by 20 minutes. There was
another pair of twins at school but they looked exactly alike. You couldn’t
tell one from the other. The only way to tell was to call out one of their
names and see which one turned round. But Laura and Jack didn’t look
much like each other. Well, first of all she was a girl and secondly, well,
you don’t need a secondly, looking like a girl was enough. “How can we
be twins if you can tell us apart?” he just couldn’t understand it.
Jack had walked all the way from the South-Eastern side of town where
he lived in a pretty little house on a small street with his mother and two
sisters, his twin, Laura and his older sister, Janie. His father had died two
years ago.