The Bringals of Carly HTML version

Today, you can still see part of the old village with its narrow winding
streets and little cottages. It’s in the western part of the town, on the north
bank of the river, close to the sea.
Times have changed in Carly. It is no longer the timeless, little sea side-
village it once was. It is now a small modern town of around 100,000
citizens with industry and shops and banks and traffic and hospitals and
offices and all the things that progress brings. You name it and Carly has it.
I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, progress is a funny old thing.
Let’s meet Jack McQueen. He is a citizen of Carly. Jack felt that things just
couldn’t get better, sitting high up in the shade of his favourite tree on a hot
summer’s day, watching the world go by. And this was just the beginning of
the six-week summer break from school. “What a great idea!” Jack says out
loud to himself. He’s talking about the project he has chosen to do during the
holiday. ‘How a Tree Affects the Environment’. “What a way to pass the
time on my project, lazing around in my favourite tree!”
It really was a wonderful tree. Right in the centre of the old part of town
but so peaceful you’d think it was in the countryside. It had everything that
a good tree needed. Those nice, wide comfortable branches for sitting on,
plenty of space for your friends, thick foliage to hide you from nosey