The Bringals of Carly HTML version

Chapter 1: The Tree
Progress is a funny old thing. Take Carly for instance. Carly was just a
small fishing village when the Bringals first settled here, 150 years ago. The
first people to live here, before the village even existed, chose this spot to
settle on around 1,500 years ago. Their descendants lived a quiet, modest,
simple life here for a long, long time.
The fishing in Carly these days is not too good. The catches became
smaller and smaller as the village grew to be a town and industry arrived.
Now there are almost no fish left, neither in the river, nor in the sea. By the
way, Bringals don’t eat fish.
Carly is situated in a delightful part of the country on the banks of a small
river that runs across a narrow plain from the low hills in the east to the sea
in the west.