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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
-A Fine Dining Service Guide
One of my friends is the owner and manager of a very large and successful restaurant,
which retains its charm and beautiful ambience in Rome. One part of the restaurant is
a buffet serves -for all-day dining with international cuisine in a relaxed and casual
atmosphere; the other part is exquisite fine dining with Italian Signature cuisine.
He is very passionate about educating and coaching his valuable staff members in
order to improve them such that it results in their growth.
He has learned to apply special interpersonal skills to inspire others that drive them
towards growth, which in turn helps him to grow as well. His approach is simple and
effective. He makes them realize their responsibility and guides them to reach their
This book focuses on the basic skills needed for service. It is given in conversational
style, any new service provider can learn basic skills with ease.
The first thing that the waiter must learn is -
The Basic ways to treat your guests so they will want to come back
Good service is to provide your guests with something more than what they expect,
and excellent service is to ENJOY providing your guest with something more than what
they expect and create a memorable experience through a positive service mindset.
Say for instance, a child will be happy to get a chocolate and the happiness will have
no bounds if you present an ice cream. You should not provide good service as your
duty but it must come from within. You should relish every moment when you are
serving someone.
How should one do that?
The following should be done-
Great them with a smile and offer an appropriate hospitality comment
Use their name – it makes them feel important & special
Maintain eye contact – it shows care and interest
Avoid the use of the word “No” – always offer an alternative
Go the extra mile – our guests expect it
Ensure a quality product and efficient service
Maintain a clean and healthy environment
Escort guests as much as possible otherwise provide clear directions
Speak to our guests in a friendly, enthusiastic and courteous tone and manner.
Take personal responsibility to get their special requests done quickly and
Anticipate guest‟s needs and resolve their problems tactfully