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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
-A Fine Dining Service Guide
This book consists of some of my experiences and knowledge with respect
to hospitality. For many years, I had an ambition to write a book to help
people in the hospitality industry to serve customers better. With over two
decades of experience in this field, I felt I would do better justice by
bringing out this book. I wanted to provide something substantial at
absolutely no cost. Finally, I made up my mind to write a book with the
basics of providing quality service. I have applied my experience and
practical knowledge into this book.
This book is organized into 13 chapters and covers everything from greeting
visitors to serving them food and other items. It focuses on many crucial
things like welcoming, providing the menu, serving them with wine, food,
water and coffee –tea in the end. In addition, it will guide the service
provider with the proper way of behaving with the customers. I have written
many more books, which provide extensive information. The titles include
Restaurant Operation Guide, New Waiter Training Manual, Bar & Lounge
Guide, Kitchen & Stewarding Operation Guide, Room Service Operation
Guide and Excellent Service & up Selling techniques. What I am providing in
this book is just 1% of the information contained in other books. They are
very concise and anyone can understand easily. You can find more
information about the other books by visiting my website I appreciate the help offered by my
friend Giuseppe without which the book would not have been possible. I am
very thankful to him. I intend to produce more free –books in the coming