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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
13. Tea & Coffee Service
Restaurant Manager ensures that:
A minimum of eight varieties of tea (Tea bags) are available, including black tea
and herbal tea.
A minimum of four varieties of loose tea are available, including Ceylon, Indian &
A minimum of four types of coffee are available, e.g., mild, strong and
decaffeinated. A selection of cappuccino, macchiato, latte, espresso etc., is also
At least three types of milk are available e.g., low fat, skimmed and full cream.
A minimum of three types of sugar are available including raw and low sugar
Large tea/coffee cups are already placed on the table.
All service equipment should be clean, not worn and damaged.Once guests are
comfortably seated, headwaiter/waiter takes order for hot beverages within 2 minutes
of seating with a smile and eye contact by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), would you
care for tea or coffee please?”
If the answer is Tea, headwaiter/waiter suggests - “We have a selection of tea namely
(names of tea),May I ask which one you would prefer Mr/s (name of guest)?”
Headwaiter/waiter also highlights the possibility of having loose tea, by saying: “Mr/s
(name of guest), we also have loose tea if you prefer”.Upon confirmation of guest‟s
choice, headwaiter/waiter suggests “Mr/s (name of guest), would you like milk with
your tea? We have low fat, skimmed and full cream milk, hot or cold. Which one would
you prefer Mr/s (name of guest)?”If guests order coffee, headwaiter/waiter suggests -
“Would you prefer filter coffee Mr/s (name of guest) or an espresso or cappuccino? We
also have decaffeinated coffee, Mr/s (name of guest)”.
Headwaiter/waiter acknowledges guest‟s choice with a smile and pleasant eye contact
by saying: “Thank you very much Mr/s (name of guest), your order will be served
Guest is served within 4 minutes of ordering.
Waiter verifies each item ordered and ensures that correct beverage item is served to
the correct guest, without asking, serving ladies first, from the right hand side with a
smile and eye contact, announcing the beverage by saying: “Mr/s …(name of guest),
your …(name of beverage)”.
In case tea is ordered, Waiter ensures that he brings the following:
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