The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Restaurant Service HTML version

The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
-A Fine Dining Service Guide
12. Bidding Farewell
Team-member maintains attentive posture, observes the guests in a discrete manner
and identifies those leaving the restaurant.
Approaches table, pulls out the chairs softly (children first, then women) and
allows the guests to move easily out of the table by saying: “Please, Mr/s (name
of guest)”.
Helps children first to move out of the high chair if in use.
Helps guests to collect their belongings from the table (as appropriate), while
smiling and keeping eye contact, by saying: “Please, Mr/s (name of guest)”.
Thanks the guests for their visit and bids farewell with a smile and a courtesy
Extends to guests an invitation to return while maintaining eye contact by
saying: “Thank you very much, Mr/s… (name of guest), Have a pleasant … (time
of the day), we look forward to seeing you again”.
Makes a few steps with the guests, showing the way out from the restaurant
with an opened hand and extended arm gesture and retires with a smile.