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6. Serving Water

Headwaiter/waiter mentions the different types of water (a minimum of 3 still water and 2 sparkling water) available upon taking order with a smile and pleasant eye contact by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), would you prefer sparkling, or mineral water please? We have available (brand names of water)”.

Headwaiter/waiter enquires about guests preference by asking: “Would you prefer your water chilled or at room temperature, please?”


Headwaiter acknowledges and confirms guests choice by saying: “Certainly, Mr/s (name of guest), a (brand name of water) for you”.

Waiter approaches guests table with the bottle of water in an ice bucket, 3/4 filled with ice and water, and places the bucket on a wine stand near the guests table, with a smile and eye contact, within 2 minutes of guests seating.

Waiter places a clean wine cloth folded in four, lengthwise on the wine bucket and proceeds to open the bottle as follows:


Takes out bottle of water from the wine-bucket and wipes it nicely with wine
cloth, without allowing any dripping.


Opens the bottle in front of the guests, serves on the right hand side of the
guest, (unless logistically not possible), children and ladies first and finally the
host, by saying: “May I pour some (still or sparkling) water for you, please
Mr/s…(name of guest)?”.


Acknowledges guests request and pours in the water glass 3/4 full, lifting up the
bottle and twisting it.


Re-caps the bottle and places it back into the ice bucket.

Waiter retires from guests with a courtesy bow and a smile and wishes them a pleasant … (time of the day), by saying: “Thank you Mr/s (name of guest), have a pleasant (time of the day)”.

During meal period particular attention is paid to ensure that whenever the glasses are less than 1/2 full, these are refilled without guest prompting, by saying: “Would you care for some more water, Mr/s (name of guest)?”