The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Restaurant Service HTML version

The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
-A Fine Dining Service Guide
9. Clearing Tables and Adjusting Cutlery
Upon guest seating:-
Upon seating of children at a table, waiter automatically adjusts covers with
appropriate child friendly serviceware.
Upon seating of guests at a table, waiter removes extra covers within 5 minutes of
seating, as follows:
Waiter makes intention known by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), May I remove the
extra covers, please?”
• Removes all forks first then all knives and lastly the dessertspoon and places them on
a service plate, then removes the side-plates and the napkins.
• Approaches table carrying a round tray in his left palm and proceeds with the removal
of extra glasses/cups, by removing the wine glasses first followed by the water glasses.
Adjusting cutlery during meal period
Waiter verifies food ordered on the duplicate order form before adjusting the cutlery.
Waiter checks on service and adjusts cutlery according to guests‟ choice, when guests
are helping themselves on the buffet.
Waiter politely requests guests‟ permission for replacement of second set of cutlery (if
already been used during the meal) by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), May I replace
your set of cutlery?”
Waiter brings the right number of appropriate cutlery on a service plate, approaches
the guests on the right, ladies first, with a smile and keeping eye contact and places
knife on the right, moves to the left and places fork on the left hand side of the lady (in
a clockwise direction) by saying: “Excuse me Mr/s (name of guest), may I…?”
Adjusting dessert cutlery after crumbing down table
Waiter approaches table carrying a service tray in his left palm and proceeds with the
removal of side plate, butter dish, salt and pepper cellars and any other condiment
containers with a smile and eye contact.
Waiter anticipates guests‟ needs upon dessert order taking, approaches guests‟ table to
crumb down table from the right hand side of the guests, and makes his intention
known with a smile and pleasant eye contact by saying: “Excuse me Mr/s (name of
guest), may I…
Waiter proceeds to crumb down table as follows:
• Ensures that a service plate and a crumb-scraper is used to crumb
Down table.
• Starts from the right hand side of the guest and makes his intention known.
• Holds service plate with the left hand slightly below the edge of the table and holds
crumb-scraper with the right hand.
• Crumbs down from the left to the right and brings down the dessertspoon.
• Moves clockwise to the left of the guest
• Crumbs down from the right to the left and brings down the dessert fork.
• Proceeds in a clockwise direction and in the same way for other guests