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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
8. Serving Food Items
Waiter verifies food items in the kitchen following Headwaiter‟s order and instructions
as per guests‟ specifications and ensures that first course is served 5 to 10 minutes
after order taking and every subsequent course is served within 10 minutes of clearing.
Waiter carries food carefully from the kitchen to the restaurant on a service tray and
places the tray in an orderly manner on the side station.
Waiter verifies again each item ordered and ensures without asking that correct food
item is served to the correct guest, ladies and children first, from the right hand side
with a smile and keeping eye contact and announces the dish by saying: “Mr/s (name
of guest), your (name of dish)”.
Waiter ensures that hot dishes are served hot and cold dishes are served cold.Waiter
ensures that condiments, side dishes (sauces, vegetables…) are offered or served
simultaneously with the food by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), please find some
(name of condiments, sauces, vegetables…) to accompany your (name of dish)”.
Waiter ensures that guests do not need anything else before retiring by saying: “Would
you care for anything else Mr/s (name of guest)?”
Waiter retires from guests with a courtesy bow and a smile, thanks guests for their
choice and wishes them “Bon Appetite” before retiring by saying: “Thank you
Mr/s…(name of guest), enjoy your… (Lunch or dinner).”
Headwaiter/restaurant manager discreetly checks on service at each sequence of the
meal and ensures that guests are enjoying their meal and that pace of meal is
convenient and appropriate by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), how are you enjoying
your (name of dish)?”
In case of delays in food service
Restaurant Manager advises guests apologetically about food service delay by saying:
“Excuse me Mr/s (name of guest), your (name of dish) will be ready within the next (X
minutes). I do apologies for the delay. May I serve you some more (bread, wine,
water…) in the meantime, Mr/s (name of guests)?”
In case of food complaint, depending on the chef‟s availability, the latter deals with the
service complaints himself. Otherwise, the chef ensures that he meets with the guests
Restaurant Manager approaches guests and listens attentively to them without
interruption, while keeping eye contact by saying: “I do apologize for this
inconvenience Mr/s (name of guest); I will do the needful immediately”.
Clears the plate and offers an alternative while keeping eye contact by saying: “May I
offer you another (name of dish), or if you prefer a (alternative dish), Mr/s (name of
Acknowledges guests‟ request by saying: “Certainly, Mr/s (Guest name)”.
-A Fine Dining Service Guide