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4. Presenting the Wine Menu and Taking Wine Order

Wine waiter ensures that the wine menu is clean, approaches guests table with a Smile and pleasant eye contact, and extends greeting in the guests language (as communicated by headwaiter/waiter) by saying: “Good … (time of the day), Mr/s … (name of guest), I am … (name of staff), youre… (Sommelier or wine waiter)”. Sommelier/wine waiter stands on the right hand side of the host,
Presents the wine menu opened on the first page and holding it by the top, while maintaining eye contact by saying: “May I present you our Wine Menu Mr/s (name of guest)?”

In case, guests already made use of reading glasses to read the menu, Sommelier/wine waiter automatically offers reading glasses to guest within 2 minutes of offering menu. Sommelier/wine waiter is knowledgeable about the wine list and able to explain the wine menu, describe grape varieties as well as the overriding flavors and aromas (the „nose), by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), do you wish to have some explanations about our wine list or would you like some recommendations?”

If yes -sommelier/wine waiter recommends by saying: “May I recommend a (name of wine) with your (name of food ordered)?”

If no - sommelier/wine waiter retires from table for a few moments (3-5) minutes, allowing guests to peruse the wine menu by saying: “Please make your choice, Mr/s… (name of guest), I will be back for your order in a short while.”

Sommelier/wine waiter comes back to guests table with a smile and keeping eye contact and asks the host if he/she is ready to place the order by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), are you ready to place your order?”

Sommelier/wine waiter stands on the right hand side of the guests, women first, while smiling and maintaining eye contact and takes the order.

Sommelier writes down the guests order clearly on the docket, repeats the order while Confirming the vintage year and appellation of the wine and collects menu from the right hand side, by saying: “May I repeat your order please Mr/s (name of guest)? You have ordered (name of chosen wine), from (name of wine region), vintage year…).”

Sommelier/wine waiter ensures that the wine ordered is legibly printed with all details (name of wine, bin number, year etc.) and that table number, room number, waiters name, date and time of order appear on the order sheet in a legible manner.

Sommelier/wine waiter informs guest politely that the wine ordered will be served immediately by saying: “Your (name of wine ordered) will be served right away Mr/s (name of guest)”.