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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
7. Presenting Wine & Champagne
1 Sommelier/wine waiter brings the bottle of wine (white or rosé) or
Champagne ordered to guests‟ table, chilled at the right temperature in an ice bucket,
3/4 filled with ice and water, and places it on the wine stand, with a smile and pleasant
eye contact.
For red wines, sommelier/wine waiter brings the bottle to guests‟ table in an
appropriate wine basket. Red wine is served at a temperature of 15-19 degrees Celsius.
For white, rosé wine and champagne:
Sommelier/wine waiter should proceed as follows:
Must approach the host from the right
Should take a folded wine cloth in the palm of his left hand
Must place the base of the bottle on the wine cloth
Holds the bottleneck with the right hand, label facing the host and presents the
wine by saying: “Your bottle of (name of wine and vintage if any), Mr or Mrs
(name of guest)”.
For red wine: Sommelier/wine waiter proceeds as follows:
Must approach the host from his right
Holds the basket in the left hand ensuring the label is facing the host.
After guest has inspected label, waits for the host‟s approval and acknowledges guest
approval by saying: “Thank you Mr or Mrs (name of guest)”.
For Champagne, White or Rosé wine -sommelier/wine waiter places the bottle in the
wine bucket.
For Red wine -sommelier/wine waiter places the bottle in the basket/wine holder on the
table, prior to opening it.
Sommelier/wine waiter stands next to the wine stand, facing the guests, holds the
bottle firmly while keeping it in the bucket and proceeds to open the bottle, with a
smile as follows:
Uses the knife of the corkscrew set and cuts the foil capsule neatly around the
neck, under the lip of the bottle.
Removes the foil capsule and puts it in his pocket.
Inserts the screw into the centre of the cork and twists it in a
Clockwise direction carefully until screw is 3/4 inserted in the cork.
D) Places the lever on the lid of the bottle, holds it tightly with the left hand and
pulls upwards with right hand firmly and slowly to make sure that the cork does
not bend.
Once the cork is pulled 3/4 out of the bottle, uses fingers of the right hand,
holding the bottle in his left hand, to remove the cork, ensuring there is no
“pop” sound.
Unscrews the cork from the corkscrew
Ensures that no particles fall in the wine
Removes the bottle from the bucket
-A Fine Dining Service Guide