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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service -AFineDiningServiceGuide


00002.jpg00004.jpgHeadwaiter/waiter clearly labels all childrens menu portions on the food order docket.



Headwaiter/waiter repeats orders and collects menus from the right hand side, women first by saying: “May I repeat your order, please Mr/s… (name of guest)? Mrs (name of guest), you have ordered (chosen menu), and Mr… (name of guest) you have ordered (chosen menu)”.


Headwaiter/ waiter ensures that guests names, numbered orders, table number, number of persons, waiters name, date and time of order appear clearly on the order sheet.


Headwaiter/waiter retires from guests with a courtesy bow and a smile, thanking guests for their choice and wishes them a pleasant day/evening by saying: “Thank you Mr/s (name of guest), have a pleasant (time of the day).”