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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
5. Serving Bread and Butter
Prior to approaching guests‟ table for bread and butter service, waiter ensures that
bread basket is clean (as applicable), contains a minimum of 4 breads, some related to
the restaurant‟s concept (as applicable), and bread is fresh and warm.
Waiter checks whether butter is chilled and neatly placed in a butter dish (depending
on the concept, it could be dips or oil).
Waiter ensures that within 5 minutes of guests seating, the latter are presented with
the variety of fresh bread and butter.
Waiter places butter dish on the table, between the side plate and centre of the table,
by saying: “Please Mr/s (name of guests), our (name of butter)”.
Waiter presents the selection of bread from the left-hand side of the guests, ladies first,
with a smile and pleasant eye contact, recommending, as applicable, any house
specialty by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), may I present you our selection of home-
made breads? We have (name of bread selection).
Waiter acknowledges guests‟ choices and serves bread accordingly by saying:
“Certainly, Mr/s… (Name of guest)” and proceeds to serve Bread from the left-hand
side of the guests, women first, on the side plate, using a service spoon and fork.
4 Waiter retires from guests with a courtesy bow and a smile, by saying: “Thank you
Mr/s (name of guest), have a pleasant (time of the day)”.
During meal period, particular attention is paid to ensure timely offering of bread again,
as appropriate, without guests prompting by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), would you
care for some more bread please?”
Waiter enquires about guests‟ satisfaction with a smile and eye contact by saying:
“How did you enjoy our homemade bread, Mr/s (name of guest)?”
-A Fine Dining Service Guide