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The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service -AFineDiningServiceGuide


00002.jpgFor subsequent visits to the restaurant, high chair is automatically offered to guests without asking.

Hostess must ensure that guests are promptly seated and that the correct number of place settings are in place. Hostess should inform guests that their order will be taken right away by saying: “Waiter would take your order right away, Mr./s (name of guest)”.

Hostess should also wish guests a pleasant meal experience and retire with a courtesy bow along with a smile saying: “Please enjoy your (meal) Mr./s (name of guest)”.

Hostess should advise headwaiter/waiter whether guests have already had an aperitif at the bar, in order for the headwaiter/waiter to propose aperitif to guests as appropriate.

Hostess should present herself well to the guests, should be calm, polite and appealing to the guests.