The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Restaurant Service HTML version

The Brilliant Basics to Exceptional Service
-A Fine Dining Service Guide
3. Inviting Guests to Buffet and Explaining Buffet
Breakfast buffet is always available from 06h30 to 10h30.
Chef ensures that:
A la minute cooking is always featured.
A minimum of five fruit juices is always available.
The buffet displays at least 14 high quality freshly baked bakery items.
Every buffet features healthy selections (low calorie, low fat), vegetarian
selections, and are labeled accordingly; dishes containing pork and alcohol are
clearly labeled.
Appropriate dishware and cutlery (including child-friendly service ware and
serving utensils for each dish is clean, convenient, and readily available.
Headwaiter/waiter/hostess invites guests to help themselves at the buffet, with a smile
and eye contact, by saying: “Mr/s (name of guest), May I invite you to our buffet? Our
Chefs will be delighted to assist you with your choice”.
Headwaiter/waiter escorts guests and explains the different buffet sections available
while smiling and maintaining eye contact: “Please Mr/s (name of guest), on this side,
we have a selection of (name of juices), and on this side we have a selection of (name
of Danish/pastry…),… Please help yourself”.
In case of any children at the buffet, waiter assists them first.
Headwaiter/waiter has good knowledge of the food ingredients and preparation mode,
Highlighting house specialty or seasonal fruits, as appropriate, by saying: “May I
suggest (name of specialty dish/ seasonal fruits), Mr/s (name of guest)?”
When waiter or other restaurant staff is nearby and not otherwise occupied, he offers
to Carr guests plates from buffet to table with a smile and pleasant eye contact, by
saying: “Please allow me to bring your plate to your table, Mr/s…(name of guest)”.
Priority is given to children, as appropriate. (Offer only, do not remove the plate from
the guests).