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The Bossy Church Lady’s Take On The End Times
here, there’s no sense in learning or talking about it; and then there are people
like me: the eternally curious who want to know what it all means.
Most leaders today are afraid of running their congregants off by preaching
fire and brimstone, they’re too sceered to give people a wake up call. They
wouldn’t dream of holding a match under someone’s bottom to rouse them into
But I sayÈ
“HEY! We BETTER be too afraid NOT to obey God’s Word! We all need to
reach out to the unsaved and warn them about what’s sure to come ’cause if
we don’t HERE’S what will happen to them if we don’t!”
At some point in the future, the tribulation will happen and if we don’t do
something to get the truth out, we’re all gonna be in serious trouble.
As Christians, our biggest job is the Great Commission. If we’re to love our
neighbors as we love ourselves then how can we do that if we’re not concerned
enough to witness to him or her. If this book will wake people up by lighting
that fire under their rear ends, if it’ll cause them to climb up onto their
rooftops and shout out the living Gospel, I’ll be satisfied.
When you’re finished reading this book, I want you to pass it around to as
many people as you can. Go and scare others out of their wits, especially
unbelievers, by telling them all about what you’ve learned by reading this
book. Maybe, just maybe, if they know how horrific the end times will be,
they’ll become so terrified that they’ll run straight into the arms of the Lord.
I’ve got my fingers crossed.
If you’re an unbeliever who is reading this, I hope that by the time you’re
finished reading this book, you’ll come to believe in Christ Jesus as your Savior.
One thing you’ll notice throughout the book is that I have paraphrased a lot
of Bible verses. Since one of my goals is to teach you how to discern the truth
from a lie, which is vitally important for all Christians, you’re going to have to
pick up a Bible and read the verses for yourself.
If you have a Bible handy, pick it up and get ready to use it. If you don’t
have a Bible, two great places to look up scriptures are and
At either site, you can look up verses in any version of the Bible.
Ready to get started?
Let’s go!
Copyright ¨ 2008 Sandra Purdue A.K.A. The Bossy Church Lady