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The Book Of Moroni
Moroni 1
Chapter 1
Moroni 1:1
1 Now I, Moroni, after having made an end of abridging the account of the people of
Jared, I had supposed not to have written more, but I have not as yet perished; and I make
not myself known to the Lamanites lest they should destroy me.
Moroni 1:2
2 For behold, their wars are exceedingly fierce among themselves; and because of their
hatred they put to death every Nephite that will not deny the Christ.
Moroni 1:3
3 And I, Moroni, will not deny the Christ; wherefore, I wander whithersoever I can for
the safety of mine own life.
Moroni 1:4
4 Wherefore, I write a few more things, contrary to that which I had supposed; for I had
supposed not to have written any more; but I write a few more things, that perhaps they
may be of worth unto my brethren, the Lamanites, in some future day, according to the
will of the Lord.
Moroni 2
Chapter 2
Moroni 2:1
1 The words of Christ, which he spake unto his disciples, the twelve whom he had
chosen, as he laid his hands upon them--
Moroni 2:2
2 And he called them by name, saying: Ye shall call on the Father in my name, in mighty
prayer; and after ye have done this ye shall have power that to him upon whom ye shall
lay your hands, ye shall give the Holy Ghost; and in my name shall ye give it, for thus do
mine apostles.
Moroni 2:3
3 Now Christ spake these words unto them at the time of his first appearing; and the
multitude heard it not, but the disciples heard it; and on as many as they laid their hands,
fell the Holy Ghost.
Moroni 3
Chapter 3