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Fourth Nephi
An account of the people of Nephi, according to his record.
4 Nephi 1:1
1 And it came to pass that the thirty and fourth year passed away, and also the thirty and
fifth, and behold the disciples of Jesus had formed a church of Christ in all the lands
round about.
And as many as did come unto them, and did truly repent of their sins, were baptized in
the name of Jesus; and they did also receive the Holy Ghost.
4 Nephi 1:2
2 And it came to pass in the thirty and sixth year, the people were all converted unto the
Lord, upon all the face of the land, both Nephites and Lamanites, and there were no
contentions and disputations among them, and every man did deal justly one with
4 Nephi 1:3
3 And they had all things common among them; therefore there were not rich and poor,
bond and free, but they were all made free, and partakers of the heavenly gift.
4 Nephi 1:4
4 And it came to pass that the thirty and seventh year passed away also, and there still
continued to be peace in the land.
4 Nephi 1:5
5 And there were great and marvelous works wrought by the disciples of Jesus,
insomuch that they did heal the sick, and raise the dead, and cause the lame to walk, and
the blind to receive their sight, and the deaf to hear; and all manner of miracles did they
work among the children of men; and in nothing did they work miracles save it were in
the name of Jesus.
4 Nephi 1:6
6 And thus did the thirty and eighth year pass away, and also the thirty and ninth, and
forty and first, and the forty and second, yea, even until forty and nine years had passed
away, and also the fifty and first, and the fifty and second; yea, and even until fifty and
nine years had passed away.
4 Nephi 1:7
7 And the Lord did prosper them exceedingly in the land; yea, insomuch that they did
build cities again where there had been cities burned.