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The Book Of Alma (1-20)
The account of Alma, who was the son of Alma the first, and chief judge over the people
of Nephi, and also the high priest over the Church. An account of the reign of the judges,
and the wars and contentions among the people. And also an account of a war between
the Nephites and the Lamanites, according to the record of Alma, the first and chief
Alma 1
Chapter 1
Alma 1:1
1 Now it came to pass that in the first year of the reign of the judges over the people of
Nephi, from this time forward, king Mosiah having gone the way of all the earth, having
warred a good warfare, walking uprightly before God, leaving none to reign in his stead;
nevertheless he had established laws, and they were acknowledged by the people;
therefore they were obliged to abide by the laws which he had made.
Alma 1:2
2 And it came to pass that in the first year of the reign of Alma in the judgment-seat,
there was a man brought before him to be judged, a man who was large, and was noted
for his much strength.
Alma 1:3
3 And he had gone about among the people, preaching to them that which he termed to
be the word of God, bearing down against the church; declaring unto the people that
every priest and teacher ought to become popular; and they ought not to labor with their
hands, but that they ought to be supported by the people.
Alma 1:4
4 And he also testified unto the people that all mankind should be saved at the last day,
and that they need not fear nor tremble, but that they might lift up their heads and rejoice;
for the Lord had created all men, and had also redeemed all men; and, in the end, all men
should have eternal life.
Alma 1:5
5 And it came to pass that he did teach these things so much that many did believe on his
words, even so many that they began to support him and give him money.
Alma 1:6
6 And he began to be lifted up in the pride of his heart, and to wear very costly apparel,
yea, and even began to establish a church after the manner of his preaching.