The Book of Mormon


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The Book of Mormon is a sacred record of peoples in ancient America, and was engraved upon sheets of metal.


If you did not read it, say you did not read it. Instead of making a one line comment that is 150 years out of date. It does no such thing, you are talking about church history. I suspect you never read that either.


this is a marvelous book . I've read it and it grows on you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.....Doug Voice

Harry Moon

this book tells us in great detail how to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ. Does not replace the Bible but goes hand and hand in confirming that Jesus Is The Christ and our Savior.

Allison Sullivan

Another Testament of Christ


Very True. Very helpful in life.


I found it to be pretty simple, if it was the word of God he would verify it. I think every page had a reference about Jesus Christ. It just doesnt make sense to me how anyone would write over 500 hundred pages to prove a point unless it was truly inspired by God. No bad person could write this and no good person would. The truth of anything is confirmed by God himself. Read the book and pray about it!


For followers of polygamy

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