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The Book Of Auras
For those who still do not know me by what I write, I can
only illustrate this work about the Auras, reflects a stage of my
Spiritual development, and therefore do not have much regard for
many years. And much less turn it into the Book. But as a result of
numerous people as knead me, in watching lectures and witnessing
some knowledge in practical terms to my part, for human Auras,
the making known to all, for the uses in its own benefit without. I
felt I should move to the role that knowledge. Who presented
issues? If only that each individual Aura, are aimed at people who
felt that they needed help in their lives.
Always with the therapeutic purpose, giving only as a girth, but
after writing "Reunion of Light", an early self-help books and
personal development, my Spirit Illuminated, asked me to bring all
these issues in a just, in Book.
Faced with such a request had to gather all the previous
descriptions of Auras, this same work. Preopening to even more
knowledge, which has since been acquired? For the purpose of
people if they can rediscover themselves and identify their intimate,
seeking and learning to relate for they.
For those already familiar with previous work in this follows the
same term. To make known the true dimensions of the Sacred, and
that touches the heart of each one.