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Introduction to Aura

The Aura is made up of four layers or fields.

1 st of the Physical Body Aura

2 nd Astral Aura

3rd Mental Aura

4th Etérico Body Aura

What I will mention is the Astral Aura.

During in your life have been the experience may have been dealing

with someone or known about a person. When they get near them,

you feel very close to that person, it appears Peace and Light, and

his energy is contagious, it could almost be touched.

Others however, felt an unpleasant sensation of malaise, as if to

suck our own energy.

This is where having the power to delete or Illuminate the

environment, reflects the power of Aura. The Aura is made up of

one or more colors.

Hence the essence of the Aura, all human thoughts and actions

belong to good and evil. The thickness of the Aura and its color is

proportional to the quantity and quality of good and bad thoughts.

Inside when a person does well, feels a Conscientious satisfaction.

These thoughts are converted into light, adding to the Light of the

Spiritual body.

José Cruz

When the reverse, the thoughts and acts are evil, become dark

clouds in the Spiritual body, so what changing the basic colors of

Auras. It is due to such a person starts developing problems, mental

and physical in the form going so slow its development Physical,

Mental and Spiritual.


The Book Of Auras

A brief Explanation of the Astral Aura

The Aura is made up of the vapors that rise from the physical

body through breathing pores, which can get around the physical

body, or up and focusing on the top of the head or around her. This

movement is due to physical exertion, thoughts, emotions, and other

sufferings. So that in contact with the heavenly light is reflected.

Becoming a field of Light Aurica It can also be considered as

magnetic field.

This is the Light that when they come into contact with other Rays

of Light coming from the Cosmos, intensify type magnifying glass.

Getting exposed so that they can be seen by people who have

developed this ability!

The diameter of Auras as well as its thickness and color, which in

many beings of Light cannot pass only a few centimeters, while

other meters or kilometers as even possible to cover an entire Planet,

as with Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, among other

beings of Light

José Cruz


The Book Of Auras

Application of the Book

The Book of Auras is taken into account for various

applications. In governing the welfare of people in any aspect,

depending only and solely the good use, and a proper application

that people want to give him consciously.

Whether a query to the person, to better recognize inwardly or

outwardly, problems related to Health in general, or how to feel the

quality of people that surround it, leading to figure out how to

think, feel, and the form and manner to interact on a daily basis

with them in a healthy way without them realizing it, thus

adopting a way of being and interacting with these people, in many

cases helping one way or another, to understand consciously to

themselves, going somewhat against the Supreme Power that

governs all. It also applies to personal and spiritual development. If

extending to all Humanity.

Recognizing a certain color of right and Aura. Of anyone including

the person himself, later I shall explain, the way it is possible to

access this technique can be through the View or not that same


Is extremely important to identify a particular color of Aura, for a

variety of applications that you want to give that a major and

much attention to it, is intended only for the recovery of people,

sick or otherwise destabilized, always aiming to do well. And never

the other way around, but could be seriously hurt.

José Cruz

I repeat not want to be boring and very Careful Attention, as apply

what is described in this Book. Going all the responsibility rests

with each of you so sharp and aware.

When you access such a color Aura and the same exists or points in

the same dark clouds.

It means, to the extent that those who are darker, the greater the

problem the person has, whether physical or mental in the forum.

That person to develop the ability to view, and then correctly

identify by focusing only on the affected area, or the problem itself,

is likely to remove, depending only on the ability of each one,

whether for your own sake or for others.


The Book Of Auras

Meaning of the Auric Colors

The colors in the Rainbow are the same basic that can be

found in Human Auras. And it is about those same colors which I

will clarify their meaning, which they propose manifesting in

person. There will be some doubts about the significance of people,

and matching colors to themselves. This is only due to the fact that

people were away over the life of your base color from birth. Like

its natural essence.

Because of egos, intellectualism, malice, pride, addictions, social

status, among other dependencies. If you should just forget that the

person who was as a child, thus changing their behavior patterns

and thus changing its basic color Consciously or unconsciously,

allowing other colors to join this.

José Cruz


The Book Of Auras

Visualization Techniques

For the Human Aura

José Cruz


The Book Of Auras

1st Technical,

Well to view and identify to own Aura is as follows. Put

yourself in front of a mirror with your back near a wall or sheet,

and always white with some light whether natural or artificial.

Being able to sit or stand at the beginning but should be seated,

because sometimes it takes some time to show your Aura color.

Then relax to the max, and will set your field of vision in the mirror

in the middle of their eyes without blinking, as if staring off into

the void always naturally and without thinking. And when you

least expect it the first time, a time of no-mind, without any

thought to his Aura is revealed to you.

As you are centered in the head, then see more near the head about

two to four inches a white color, which covers the entire body like a

veil in the oval. But do not call, this white dark, because it is the

Aura of the physical body, which in time will also in detail View


The interest that presents itself on the head, the Astral, such as

certain paintings come in a Golden Saints over his head radiating

colors of Light When you see this color through its 3rd Vision,

which is in the midst of his eyes, and only through it have access to

this view, with the call look lamb evil dead. That is just looking

and completely relaxed.

José Cruz

The predominant color as you can see, this is the basic color of your

Aura, when this happens, it is to feel something in your intimate

confirming this assurance. Even if you take practice sometimes

takes some time, but you can always go training now in animals,

plants, clouds, etc, to develop the Power of Visualization and

become familiar with it, because everything has Auras, being able to

extend to people, just always looking for a good backdrop, where

color is preferably the lighter the better. Now attention that some

people have such a total absence of color in your Aura, or black, and

not its basic color, this usually happens to many women when they

are pregnant.

Due to the fact that protect the little baby being that bring with

them. Because the energy that circulates in the body drop to the

region over the belly and legs, that's why the legs swell, not only

because of excess pregnancy weight, but getting the Aura deprived

of its energy and basic color on the top of the head region.


The Book Of Auras

2 nd Technical

It presents a little easier and faster for people who do not

have much time available. And do not want to broaden their

knowledge on this part.

The person closes his eyes calmly, focusing on its 3rd Vision, with

the eyes looking into your Chakra front of the eyes in half about 40


And mentally question only once. Spirit tells me what color my

Aura? Very soon the Spirit responds by telling him the basic color

of your Aura, to realize the power of Visualization in others.

You see them between the eyes or the Front Chakra where lies the

3rd Vision of the person concerned, also for about 40 seconds

without the person realizing it.

And then closes his eyes with that view, and asking the same way

the Spirit, questioning the inside. Spirit tells me what color the

person's Aura X; there is no need to apply names. May the Spirit of

those who want to know how this comes in direct contact with the

Spirit of the person concerned.

Then open your eyes and re-set again in the 3rd person view. But

that is not the answer came, when he had his eyes closed, then will

come. Remember always to thank after finishing his Spirit.

José Cruz


The Book Of Auras



José Cruz


The Book Of Auras