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The Story Of Pretty Goldilocks
ONCE upon a time there was a princess who was the prettiest creature in the
world. And because she was so beautiful, and because her hair was like the
finest gold, and waved and rippled nearly to the ground, she was called Pretty
Goldilocks. She always wore a crown of flowers, and her dresses were
embroidered with diamonds and pearls, and everybody who saw her fell in love
with her.
Now one of her neighbors was a young king who was not married. He was very
rich and handsome, and when he heard all that was said about Pretty Goldilocks,
though he had never seen her, he fell so deeply in love with her that he could
neither eat nor drink. So he resolved to send an ambassador to ask her in
marriage. He had a splendid carriage made for his ambassador, and gave him
more than a hundred horses and a hundred servants, and told him to be sure
and bring the Princess back with him. After he had started nothing else was
talked of at Court, and the King felt so sure that the Princess would consent that
he set his people to work at pretty dresses and splendid furniture, that they might
be ready by the time she came. Meanwhile, the ambassador arrived at the
Princess's palace and delivered his little message, but whether she happened to
be cross that day, or whether the compliment did not please her, is not known.
She only answered that she was very much obliged to the King, but she had no
wish to be married. The ambassador set off sadly on his homeward way, bringing
all the King's presents back with him, for the Princess was too well brought up to
accept the pearls and diamonds when she would not accept the King, so she had
only kept twenty- five English pins that he might not be vexed.
When the ambassador reached the city, where the King was waiting impatiently,
everybody was very much annoyed with him for not bringing the Princess, and
the King cried like a baby, and nobody could console him. Now there was at the