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hand. Put it up. Put it up. Make a decision today, I'm going to receive Jesus Christ. Maybe others here today and
you're not walking near Him, you have issues in your heart that have choked Him out. You know that you're not
walking with Him but you say today Jesus, I'm coming to you. Would you raise your hand? People here today, raise
your hand. God bless, God bless, God bless.
I wonder while I was speaking about the issue of iniquity and crookedness, and as you've thought about that you
realised there's things in my life have been in my family line - perhaps it's anger, could be pride, could be fear, could
be lust. There's so many things it could be. If you're wrestling with something, it's like a fire that goes on inside you
you can't resolve, would you dare to believe that Jesus could break the power of that iniquity? God laid on Him the
iniquity of us all. You don't need to carry it an y more. It's just a deception of the devil to keep you in bondage.
Here's what I'd like you to do right now. If you're carrying issues that go ba ck right into your family, generational
issues, things that have gone from father to son, mother to daughter, come down through the family line. You've got
issues that you've wrestled with inside and you're willing to believe today - you'll dare to believe that what Jesus did is
enough to break its power. I'd like you to get out of your seat and come down to the front, begin to start to speak in
your heart to the Lord, bring words to Him, talk to Him and tell Him Lord, I want to be free today. I want to be free of
this thing today. I hear you talking to me. Lord, the last few weeks you've been talking to me, but today there's
something in my heart I need to get out. I need to let go of this iniquity, this crookedness, this twist inside me that
drives me. I hate it. I don't want it to be there and Lord, today having heard the word of God I have faith to believe I
could be set free by the power of Almighty God.
I could be set free from my iniquity. I could be set free from tormenting spirits that use my iniquit y to dri ve me into
actions I don't want to do, that I feel ashamed of doing. Come on, there's others here today. Let's come and let's our
hands to Jesus Christ. I'll lead you in a prayer and then as you worship the Lord we're going to come and break the
power of this thing over your life. We're going to believe that God will come upon you, the power of the cross and the
blood will set you free today.
Oh, there's so many of us responding today. I know we're going a little bit longer than we expected but frie nd, this is a
God moment. This is a time to meet with Him today, to let the power of Almighty God, the power of the blood break
this thing in your life once and for all.
Now this is what I want us to do right now. Have your eyes closed and for just a few m oments talk to the Lord about
this iniquity. What is this thing, this twist inside you that so disturbs you, you so hate it? Has it been in your father?
Has it been in your mother? Has it been in your family line, that crookedness? Is it in other members o f your family? It
doesn't need to remain in you because you're a born again believer, but you need to hold the blood of Jesus Christ
against that iniquity, assert the victory of Calvary o ver it b y believing in what Jesus has done.
I'm going to lead you in a prayer and I want you to not just be waiting for someone to do something to you, but I want
you to rise in your heart; this blood was for you. It was shed for your iniquity. It was shed to set you free. When Jesus
went to the cross, He carried that iniquity. You don't have to carry it any more - so you've just got to bring it. You've
got to speak it out. Ma ybe it is idolatry, freemasonry. Maybe the thing you're struggling with is anger, there may be
violence and murder in your family lines you don't reall y know. If the issues you're struggling with are fears and pride
and rebellion and anxiety and those kinds of things, probably there's been idolatry in your family somewhere. If you're
struggling with lusts of all kinds, addictions of all kinds, probably there's been sexual sin in your family background -
so we'll just come to the cross with it right now.
I want you to follow me in this prayer:
Father, I come to you in Jesus' name. I believe Jesus carried my iniquity, and the blood of Jesus cleanses me from all
iniquity. Lord, I confess my iniquity now. I confess the iniquity of my family, that we have carried for generations and
I'll bring it to the cross. I bring it to the cross. I hold the cross of Jesus between me and my family line. I hold the blood
of Jesus against that iniquity. I refuse its power! I am dead to that iniquity. Now Lord I ask you to set me free from
every oppressing spirit that has used that iniquity to hold me in bondage. Thank you Jesus for setting me free.
Halleluiah! Okay, Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Praise the Lord. Okay then, thank you Jesus. Come on, just keep
worshipping Him - thank you Lord, thank you Lord. Father I thank you for the mighty power of the blood of Jesus.
1. Introduction
Exod.12:22-23 “And you shall take a bunch of hyssop, dip it in the blood that is in the basin and strike the lintel and the two doorposts with the blood that