The Blood of Jesus HTML version

I don't care what the issue is. The blood of Jesus has the answer for it. It's a matter of whether you will believe or not.
Will you believe? Will you believe that Jesus shed His blood for you to be free?
By the blood of Jesus Christ I am redeemed! The full price paid, I have to pay no more price! I just need to believe
and confess. If you'll believe in your heart and confess these things with your mouth the power of God will be
released to make them effective in your life. I encourage you to apply it.
Let's just close our eyes right now, perhaps there's someone here today, and you've ne ver even made the first step to
get near to God, which is to receive Jesus Christ. Oh, frie nd today I can't put in words how much God loves you and
all of those failures, the things you're ashamed of, things you did with your hands, things that you did with your feet,
the choices you've made, the things you've done - the way you've thought, the way you've governed your life, the bad
choices you've made, the traumas you've been through. Oh, the things that have been in your heart that you never
said anything, but you knew they were there, the crookedness, the following in old bad ways, whatever has happened
the blood of Jesus has made a way for you.
If you will believe in your heart and receive Jesus Christ you will be set free. He said I did not come into this world to
judge you. I came to save you. Perhaps you're sitting today in great pain, grea t anguish of heart because of your sin
and your failures. Friend, Jesus is here for you. He loves you, and if while you were away and abandoning Him and
refusing Him, He died for you, how much more will He give you all that you need. It just requires one decision. Is
there any person here today ready to receive Jesus Christ, I'd like you to raise your hand.
1. Introduction
Eph.1:7 “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace”.
God has put in place both physical and spiritual laws.
God has established that sin has consequences – death (physical, spiritual and mentally).
God has established the only remedy for sin – the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross.
Heb.9:11-14 “But Christ – by His own blood – obtained eternal redemption for us…”
Redemption =3083= to ransom in full, totally pay the price to release captives.
2. T he Redemption of Jesus fo r us is Complete
(a) T he Old T estament Pattern
Lev.16:7-21 T he sin offering
(v7) T wo goats = one offering for the sins of the congreg ation.
(v15) One goat slain – blood sprinkled on and befo re the mercy seat 7 times.
(v21) Second goat – confess all the iniquities, sins and transgressions – never seen again.
T wo goats represent one o ffering = the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.
Sin = unintentional wrongdoing, action committed in ignorance.
T ransgression = intentional wrong, action committed with full knowledge.
Iniquity = inner twistedness which causes a person to commit sin.
Note: (i) Jesus is our High Priest
(Heb 3:1 Jesus the High Priest of our confession)
(ii) Jesus is our offering
(Jn.1:29 Behold the lamb of God which …)
(iii) Jesus is our mercy seat
(Rom.3:23-25 God set faith as a mercy seat)
All of this is a prophetic picture of the work o f Jesus on the Cross redeemi ng us.
(b) His Redemption is Complete
Lev.16:14-15 “… shall sprinkle some of the blood seven times”.
7 = number of spiritual perfection; complete e.g. Forgive 70 x 7 Mt. 18.
T he blood was sprinkled 7 times.
Jesus shed His blood so we could be forgiven, cleans ed, enter the presen ce o f God and walk in blessing of coven ant relationship in every area o f our life.
Jesus also shed His blood in seven separate ways to redeem us.
Is.53:4-6 “Surely he has born our grief's and carried our sorrows …”
Each way Jesus shed His blood purchased fo r us forgiven ess, cleansing and freedom from all cursing in that aspect of our life.
Gal.3:13-14 “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law – that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Jesus Christ”.
3. Seven Ways Jesus Shed His Blood
Can you identify different ways that Jesus shed his blood for us?
(i) Hands = the works that we do.
Gen.2:6 Eve took of the fruit and ate (with hand) – Adam took the fruit.
Gen.4:11 Cain slew his brother with his hand.
Cain's hands were curs ed by committing murder.
Your hands – what you do are connect ed to your heart (Jam.4:8).
T he spikes did not enter hands but entered without severing median nerve – hand become black.