The Blood of Jesus HTML version

1 Jn.2:1-2
T he Devil reads the charges against you (accus es you).
(i) T hey are detailed and speci fic
(ii) T hey are valid
(iii) How do you plead? - Guilty as charged
- Blood of Jesus Christ forgives
Rev.12:10 “They overcame him (devil) by the blood of the lamb and by the Word of their testimony.”
If I just tell you that Jesus died for your sins, and He's forgiven you, it's very shallow. But if we b egin to look into some
of the pictures and patterns shown in the Old Testament, oh, it b ecomes so viv id all that He did, because it's hard to
explain to someone all that Jesus did on the cross. That's why the Old Testament has got these pictures so as you
study them and keep thinking ab out Jesus and what He did for us you b egin to see the full b readth of it
Well I want to continue a series I've been doing on the blood of Jesus Christ, and it's true that people everywhere, it
doesn't matter who we are, we talk to one another, you find that what goes on in our lives that is not seen, are
struggles with low esteem, struggles with not feeling good enough, struggles with guilt. We remember things that
we've done in the past, and struggle to feel good enough to come near to God. We have issues that seem to - we
thought we'd gotten over them, and they seem to come back, old patterns, old habits, old ways.
For all of us there are inner conflicts and turmoil that go on. I think they go on until the day you die. They're a
struggling against the old life, that old nature - but there is a remedy. There is a remedy, and there are things that you
and I can get hold of in our life that will cause us to get victory over those struggles. One of the most powerful
weapons that God has given you and me, to overcome anything the devil would throw, and that is the blood of Jesus
Christ. The blood that Jesus shed is still powerful today. I have been to many meetings where I have spoken to a
demonised man and said to that demon, here, look at the blood of Jesus! And I saw that demon with fear in its eyes
scream out. They certainly know the reality of the blood and what it does. Most Christians don't, and so we want to
help you with that.
We saw as we've looked over the last couple of weeks that God who established all things, set rules in place, He set
physical laws, He set spiritual laws. Not only that, He also set consequences for disobeying or breaking spiritual laws,
so when we break spiritual laws, there's always a consequence. You say well, I sinned and didn't even see anything.
I didn't feel any different afterwards - but that doesn't mean that you haven't set in place something you will feel and
experience. That's the problem with sin. It really deceives us, because we think we sin and get away with it, nothing
much seemed to happen immediately. God spoke to Adam - in the day you sin you'll die, but he didn't die physically
that day. He lived almost 1,000 years - but was it true that what God said actually applied? Certainly. The day he
sinned, something changed in him. He changed, and that change outworked in all kinds of differ ent ways. So that's
the deception of sin.
We come and we call things by another name except sin; what is my problem? Oh, it's my hang up, or it's my past.
We have all kinds of labels to try and smooth it out, rather than calling it what it is. That was sin . That was pride. That
was anger. That was hate. That was lust. That was fear. That was sin! And when you can call it what it is, there's a
remedy. If you try and cover it or deny it, or wrestle to admit to it, you've got no remedy. It's still going to wor k in your
life, you'll just reap the consequences.
There is a remedy for the failures of life. There is a remedy for our mistakes that we make. There is a remedy for the
besetting problems. It's found in what Jesus did at the cross, so we want to look abou t it. Let's have a look in
Hebrews 9, and I want to share some things today about the completeness of the redemption in Jesus. We'll just read
this in Hebrews, Chapter 9 and when you read these, it may be initially a little difficult to get a hold of. We'l l just
explain it in simple terms shortly.
Now Verse 11 - Christ came as a High Priest of good things to come - so Jesus is a High Priest - of the good things
to come, with the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is not this creation. Not with the