The Blood of Jesus HTML version

a) T he One who creates makes the rules
Jn 1:1-3 “All things were made through Him …. and in Him was life.”
T he one who designs/creates something establishes how it will work/function.
If you don't know the purpose something designed for you will abuse it.
God creat ed the physical world and also the laws that govern how it operates.
You can't make or break the laws only work with them or against them.
God also created laws that govern His relationship with people.
b) God established the Consequences of Sin
God gave man freedom, responsibility, boundaries and consequences.
God gave man free will to choose how he will govern his life and relationships.
God also established the consequences of sin “You shall die”.
This is a spiritual law “the law of sin and death”.
You are free to choose what you will do but not the consequences.
e.g. if you jump of tall building – no power over consequen ces – law of gravity.
Definition of Sin: Sin is violating the laws of God(1 Jn3:4).
Sin is choosing to live independent of our creator and live for sel fish advantag e.
c) T he consequences o f Sin
Consequences of breaking God's laws are as inevitable as night follows day.
You cannot avoid the consequences.
You may try to deny, blame, redefine sin, ignore, explain reality experience.
(i) Separation from God – loss of connection, spiritual emptiness Rom.6:23.
(ii) Judgement from God – experien ce a penalty ct Mt.25:41/Mk.9:44.
(iii) Reaping consequences in personal life, family, relationships Gal.6:8.
(iv) Legal authority is established for evil spirits to access your life.
None o f us are exempt from this spiritual problem of sin.
Rom.3:23 “For all have sinned…”
Rom. 5:12 “Death has spread to all men..”
We must find a remedy for sin and its consequences – What?
We must return from cursing to blessing and favour o f God – How?
3. God Also Established the Remedy for Sin
a) What can I do to resolve the problem of sin?
Religion = man's efforts to try to improve his life and gain access to God.
= favour with God is thought to be determined by my works.
Serving, good works, charitable acts, prayers, attempts to improve self.
What must I do to be good enough? How much is enough?
What must I do to redeem myself? Ps.49:7 1 Gal.2:16.
b) God has established a law a basis for dealing with sin
T he process of addressing the issue of sin is called redemption.
Redemption =3083= a ransom
= price paid to liberate a captive or prisoner, someone in power of another.
= to regain possession by paying the full recovery price.
= to buy back, ransom – e.g. redeem mortgage e.g. Somali pirates.
Atonement =2643= exchange that restores divine favou r
= to resolve a differen ce, to exchange money for something of equival ent value.
= the condition of being “at one” – reconciled.
c) God requires the shedding of blood
T here are two aspects to this (i) Blood must be shed (ii) Blood must be applied.
Exod.12:22-23 “Strike the lintel and the two door posts with the blood”.
God set up a temporary process where the blood of animals was shed.
d) Only the Blood of Jesus can Redeem Us
Blood of a child is determined and contributed to by the male chromosomes not female.
Mother's blood never mingles with the blood of her child.
Lk1:35 Mary was impregnated with male chromosome – came from God.
Blood of Jesus was never contaminated by Adam's sin/blood.
Blood of Jesus was pure.
1 Pet.1:17-18 Redeemed – with the precious blood of Christ.
Eph.1:7 In Him we have redemption through His blood.
Rom.3:23-25 God has set forth as a mercy seat through faith in His blood.
Rev.5:9 …and have redeemed us to God by your blood …
Col.2:14-15 Paid the full price – obtained redemption for all.
Removed the sin list.
Disarmed spiritual powers = took away their weapon.
Gal. 3:13-14 Redeemed us from the curse o f the law – blessing and favour.
We must choose God's way to deal with sin – applying Blood of Christ.