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Let me just finish with quoting these verses. In 1 Peter 1, Verse 17 to 18, it says you are redeemed, not with
corruptible things like money, but with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, highly valuable. Ephes ians 1:7 it says in
Him we have redemption. We have purchase out of sin, its power, influence of devils, curses, everything. We are
brought out by the blood. What a great deal! This is getting better every verse you read it.
Romans 3:25 it says that God has sent Jesus to be the mercy seat, so by His blood and faith in it, we would be free
of sin. Revelations 5, oh God, you have redeemed us out of every nation - so it's not a white man's religion.
[Laughter] It's a Jewish religion, and it's God's idea - blood, Jesus' blood, no other remedy. So what about the other
faiths? Well I'm sorry, they don't go anywhere, because the one thing they can't bring you, is to the Father. Why can't
they bring you to the Father? Because they can't deal with sin. There's only o ne remedy for sin; it's the blood of Jesus
Christ, and we must not only know what it does, but also how to apply it to our life.
I'll finish with this last verse then, and just flow into it. Colossians says this - it says the most amazing thing, Chapter
2, Verses 14-15. It says Jesus at His death, when He shed His blood, took away the list of every sin recorded in our
past, present and future against us. How did He do it? His blood! His blood - because He provided the remedy. The
blood cancelled all the sin, and so He was able to take away the list. And then the Bible says, He disarmed devils.
Now I don't know whether you've thought about that.
What does it take to disarm a devil, to take away the power they ha ve to afflict your life? The blood. You've got t o
deal with sin. The only weapons they have, are the ones we give them by sinning. We've got to remove it by bringing
our sin into the light, and to the cross, and to the blood, and He triumphed over them! They never figured when they
killed Him what He was up to - devil wasn't that smart - says if they figured what He was up to, they'd have ne ver
crucified Him.
God hid the plan of the cross totally, and after Jesus had died and given up His life, then the devil's realised - oh no!
We've actually brought ourselves down. Think about that. We inspired these men to whip Him and torture Him, and
put Him on a cross and put Him to death. Instead we found ourselves co -operating with God's plan, and now the very
thing we initiated to do, has now become the very thing that's caused our defeat. Isn't this a stunning wisdom of God!
Christ has made for us redemption, and so now you are redeemed from every curse, poverty, sickness, failure,
loneliness, emptiness, meaningless life - redeemed! Someone paid the price. A redeemer paid the price so that I
could walk in blessing, favour and have the Holy Ghost in my life. Galatians 3:13 and 14; oh my, what a great thing
God has done for us. How we need to be grateful. How you need to really constantly see, constantly see, any si n,
however little, has an effect - call it the Butterfly Effect. One little thing, and it magnifies and goes everywhere, affects
all kinds of stuff - but get on top it it quick. Don't call it by some other name. Don't say it didn't matter. Get a sharp,
sensitive conscience with the Holy Ghost. Say Holy Ghost, I know that was wrong! I didn't say the truth. I did this -
was wrong. That was the wrong - that was a bad - I bring it to the cross, and I declare I am guilty! But Jesus has
redeemed me! [Yeah! Amen.] His blood has broken the power of the sin, so I can just step back boldly into the
presence of God again, like it had never happened! That's what justified means, just like it never happened, and I can
come back, walk in His presence, enjoy Him again.
What an amazing thing is the blood of Jesus! Oh my.
I'm going to share with you a bit more about what He's done through His blood so you understand it. I want to share
how to apply it, because there's things - if you don't apply this truth to your life, you'll always walk condemned. You'll
never walk free, and you'll think you're just doing your best - and you probably are, but you're just missing what could
be better, God's way.
Father, we thank you. I just say thank you. My redeemer lives. I got so touched I wept this morning as I felt the fresh
reality of the need for a redeemer. Jesus, my redeemer lives! He paid the price and I'll honour Him by believing,
dealing with sin and holding on to His promise.
1. Introduction
Every building must be established on a sound foundation e.g. Christchurch earthquak e.
Our relationship with God has foundations upon which it is established and maintained.
Eph.1:7 “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace.”
We need to discover what the Blood of Jesus has accomplished fo r us – and also how we are to apply it to our lives to walk in the grace and favour o f God.
2. God Established Consequences fo r Sin