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The Blood of Jesus
Pastor Mike Connell
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The Blood of Jesus
The seven different ways that Jesus b led on the cross represent seven different things that Jesus came to r edeem us
from, seven things that the b lood of Jesus Christ addresses. This series discusses the first use of b lood during the
passover in Egypt, and then onto the Day of Atonement, where the b lood was applied to the mercy seat seven times,
and the symb olism of the scapegoat. Sins, Transgressions, and Inequity are compared, and related to exactly how
and why Jesus b lood was shed for us.
The Blood of Jesus (1 of 4) Many struggle consistently in their intimacy with God, and in believing that God will
answer their prayers. In fact probably the most common problem that people face is a sense of not being good
enough, that somehow I'm not good enough, that there's something wrong with me and when I pray it doesn't look
like God's going to answer. If you're living with this it's because there's some foundations are not built and established
in your life and until they are, let me tell you this; you will continue in what you're struggling with.
The Blood of Jesus (2 of 4) Sin has consequences. God wants us to deal with the deliberate transgressions, with the
sins of ignorance, and to deal with inequity, the thing that gets into our whole family line. The blood is the remedy for
all three. God says that rather than kill people the moment that they commit sin, He'll let them carry inequity or carry
the consequence of it through their generational line.
The Blood of Jesus (3 of 4) If I just tell you that Jesus died for your sins, and He's forgiven you, it's very shallow. But if
we begin to look into some of the pictures and patterns shown in the Old Testament, oh, it becomes so vivid all that
He did, because it's hard to explain to someone all that Jesus did on the cross. That's why the Old Testament has got
these pictures so as you study them and keep thinking about Jesus and what He did for us you begin to see the full
breadth of it
The Blood of Jesus (4 of 4) If you have a besetting problem, something that seems to stick in your life, it's been in
your family, it's in your life and you're concerned it's starting to turn up in your children, I'll help you understand what it
is and what to do about it. The answer is the blood of Jesus Christ. Exodus, Chapter 12, a nd this is the first Passover
that the Jews ever had. It's a prophetic picture of the work of Jesus Christ at Calvary.