The Blessing of the Lord HTML version

experienced God’s supernatural provisions; he knew what it
meant to have God’s blessing upon his work and his labors.
Abraham experienced the power of God’s blessing. The blessing
of the Lord came upon Abraham by God’s grace, and mercy. The
increase came as Abraham walked with God, and obeyed God’s
purposes. Over a period of time the blessing grew in power and
strength, as Abraham walked with God and followed His ways.
The blessing of the Lord was protected, as Abraham walked in
God’s path. Disobedience and sin would have allowed Satan to
destroy God’s blessings, but Abraham remained faithful. He
refused to follow sinful ways.
A faithful walk with God allows God to bring the increase of
blessing in our lives. That is why it says, "A faithful man will
abound with blessings." (Prov.28:20 NASB). A faithful man keeps
believing God, trusting God, and serving God. A faithful man will
not pursue sinful ways. God can bring the increase of blessing
upon a faithful person, because Satan is unable to strip it away.
One who is faithful becomes a growing channel of the blessing of
the Lord.
The Blessing Of The Lord Upon The
Next Generation
One of the most powerful aspects of the blessing of the Lord is
how it is passed to the next generation. God has given definite
promises and principles concerning the blessing of the Lord, and
how it can pass down to our children. As we teach and guide our
children in the ways of the Lord, the blessing of the Lord can