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The Power Of God’s Blessing
What does it mean to have God’s blessing on your life? This is a
question every individual needs to ask. The implications are
enormous, once you understand what God’s blessing really
involves. The blessing of God is powerful and life-changing,
while the loss of God’s blessing is more serious than we have
probably imagined. It will be fruitless to attempt to do something
– even something great and noble - if the blessing of the Lord
does not rest upon it. Yet with the blessing of the Lord, even our
small steps of service will be taken far beyond what we could
accomplish by our own effort alone. Every individual has gifts
that God intends to use. Accompanied by His blessing, these gifts
can have a powerful impact.
The blessing of the Lord is given for a mighty purpose. We will
examine the purpose behind the blessing of the Lord, as well as a
number of the outcomes of his blessing. The blessing of the Lord
is transforming, and is centered on Christ. The blessing of the
Lord is not for selfish purposes - it is to touch the needy and the
hurting, and to bring honor and praise to God. “Praise God from
whom all blessings flow; praise Him all creatures here below!” is
a familiar doxology in many parts of the world. As we
understand and experience the power of His blessing, may our
lives bring glory to the source - the living God.
The power of God’s blessing is seen in God’s original promise to