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ministries are to be focused on the community, and the world
around us. Ministries of evangelism, feeding the poor, visiting
and caring for the sick, visiting prisoners, and many others are
designed to minister God’s blessing to the world around us.
*** The early church encouraged the development of new
ministries (See Acts 6:1-6, Acts 13:1-4, 2 Tim.2:2, I Cor.12:12-
These seven dimensions are all vital to the church. Whatever the
specific vision each local church may have, these seven
dimensions will remain vitally important. The Word of God bears
abundant testimony to each of the seven areas we have focused
on. The blessing of the Lord will be poured out, as the church
seeks to minister in these seven areas. The church is to be a great
channel of blessing; that means that each believer must become a
greater channel of blessing as well, growing in the seven areas we
have mentioned.
* I am indebted to Rev. Peter Lord for his insight into five of
these areas, in the message, "Living in These Last Days," (1990
James Robison Bible Conference). See an in-depth treatment of
five of these areas in Streams of Living Water: Essential
Practices from the Six Great Traditions of Christian Faith, by
Richard Foster (1998, Harper Collins).
** The seven areas above can also be studied as: (1) Seven
dimensions of the life of Christ (2) Seven dimensions of love
(3) Seven dimensions that glorify Christ.
More Areas Of Blessing